The HangryPiggy Pre-Sale will start on 30th June 2022, 08:00pm HKT.

HangryPiggy are born from the food paradise. Due to the epidemic, piggy cannot go back to its country.

After tasting numerous cuisines around the world, Piggy decided to stay and start its foodie journey in another Food Paradise - Hong Kong.

The story

HangryPiggy is a 1997 NFT Collection, algorithmically generated on the Etheruem Blockchain. HangryPiggy are precious digital

NFT Utilies:

Benefits As A HangryPiggy Holder:

  • In-depth onboarding process with a wide array of blockchain education resources.
  • Exclusive social events and partnerships with our extensive network of influencers and brands.
  • Access to our homegrown content production units for promotion and outreach.
  • Membership perks with our partnered projects along the Metaverse production pipeline.
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More info will be released shortly along with more HangryPiggy!!


Phase One - Minting take place

Total 852 of Hungry Piggies available in the food paradise.

Phase Two

After 852 Hungry Piggies are minted. We will try to do some membership events……

Phase Three - Branded items and more!

Having collaboration with Cha chaan teng and restaurants to its NFT holder.

Team Members


What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data on the blockchain stored on a digital ledger. Its purpose is to establish the proof of ownership of digital assets such as jpg, videos, gifs and more.

What is Your Project?

HangryPiggyis an NFT created by a team of NFT enthusiasts who would like to build a community full of fun and games!

What can I do with my HangryPiggy?

Each HangryPiggy as your pet, also acts as a membership card to enjoy members-only benefits and events exclusively and access our HangryPiggy game. Be sure to change your social media’s profile picture and tell your friends and family about it!

How can I get a HangryPiggy?

In order to get a HangryPiggy, all you need is a Metamask wallet with some Etheruem in it, then you are good to go!

Where can I get my HangryPiggy?

You can get a HangryPiggy through our website when our presale and public sale launches. After that, it will be available for purchase on Opensea for second hand purchases.

When can I get my HangryPiggy?

Stay tuned for updates on our Twitter, Official Website, Discord Channel for any news regarding to the launch time and our future plans!